The course will hone a correct understanding of beliefs core to the Islamic faith. 


Course Description

Islamic Creed (Aqidah)
The course will hone a correct understanding of beliefs core to the Islamic faith. The modules will cover key points of Islamic belief in the chapters of Divine Attributes of Allah Ta’ala, Prophethood and matters of the unseen. The course will employ both a narrative and logical approach to address key issues, so that students complete the modules with a deeper understanding of the finer points related to this discipline.

Sunday 1 - 2pm
36 weeks
Venue: Oadby Centre Mosque, Sandhurst Street, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5AR

The Certificate courses are based on the Diploma programme. Students study one or more of our subjects as individual courses, choosing from Quranic Recitation (Tajwid), Islamic Creed (Aqidah), Islamic Law (Fiqh), Portrait of the Prophet (Shamail) and Spirituality (Tasawwuf). When the course is successfully completed, they achieve a certificate. Each session is an hour long and these run at various locations for 36 weeks over the academic year.



Ustadha Sidra Shaheen began her traditional Islamic education in Birmingham under the tutelage of the notable scholar Shaykha Safia Shahid. Under her careful instruction, she studied various Islamic sciences, including Arabic Grammar, Arabic Morphology, Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Theology and Tajwid. She has also studied courses in Logic, Tafsir, Usul al-Fiqh and an exposition of Imaam Busiri’s timeless poem ‘Qasida al-Burda’. With a keen interest in Islamic Theology, Ustadha Sidra currently continues to further her studies in the traditional sciences, and has recently begun delivering online classes in Arabic Grammar. Ustadha Sidra undertook her undergraduate studies at the University of Birmingham before obtaining a Masters in Economics from the University of Warwick in 2011. Ustadha Sidra will be teaching Women’s Muslim College courses in October in Leicester and Walsall, covering the Certificate in Islamic Creed (Aqidah) and the Certificate in Islamic Law (Fiqh) in both locations insha Allah.

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