The following relates to how the Women’s Muslim College uses and stores your personal information. Please read the information provided carefully, by submitting your information you agree to your information being used in the manner described below.

Personal information, collection and storage

As part of the registration process and ongoing interactions with its students, the Women’s College will ask for personally identifiable information such as name, age, email address and location. The intended use of this information is limited to necessary communication, administrative purposes and other activities strictly relating to the college. Sensitive or personal information will be accessible only by employees of the College and data will be stored in protected data bases.

The sharing of personal information and other email communication

Personal details of individuals will not be shared with third parties, either for marketing purposes, commercial purposes or otherwise – unless it be a requirement by the law to do so. Occasionally Women’s Muslim College may wish to contact students via email regarding events or courses deemed to be of potential interest to them. These courses or events may be offered by the Women’s College or third parties, if you do not wish to be contacted for these purposes please unsubscribe using the link provided in the emails.

Cookies and other data collection from the Women’s Muslim College website

A cookie is a text file saved to a computer’s hard drive during a user’s first visit to a webpage. The file will typically hold a unique identifier and the name of the website the individual has visited. In subsequent visits to the website, the site will check if a cookie exists. In the event a relevant cookie is identified, the information stored in the cookie regarding the user’s last session will be relayed back to the website. Thus websites will typically use cookies in this way to tailor the content of their website to the user’s preference. The Women’s College website also employs cookies to enhance the user experience. On first navigating to The Women’s College homepage, the user will be advised that the website uses cookies. Users can disable the use of cookies if they wish however, this may hinder some functionality of the website. The Women’s College website will also collect information on the browser type and IPs addresses of users.

Submitting data over the internet

The Women’s Muslim College takes all necessary precautions to ensure that a user’s information once submitted using the college’s website is kept secure. However, submitting data (while the data is being processed) over the internet can never be completely secure and users must be aware that any information they send is at their own risk.

Links to other websites

The Women’s Muslim College website may at times contain links to other websites. When a user accesses these links, the privacy policy of Woman’s Muslim College ceases to apply and users are advised to read the privacy policy of the website they have navigated to before exploring its content.

Amendments and updates to the privacy policy can be viewed on the Women’s Muslim College website. It is advised that users check for updates or changes to the privacy policy.

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